Pinball Elite Toppers presents a Topper for IJ Pinball


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Pinball Elite Toppers based in Chicago has presented a topper for the IJ Pinball from Williams.

This topper is available in 3 different versions
– Standard
– Deluxe (limited to 75 units worldwide)
– Elite (limited to 25 units worldwide) – already sold out

The Elite Version has been sold out already some hours after the 1st launch, where the specs but no picture has been release.

The Deluxe version is limited to 75 units worldwide and can be ordered as the standard version for international sales outside North America via RS-Pinball who is the official distributor for Elite Pinball Toppers.

Below you can find the links to the products as well as an overview of the specification of the topper versions

  • Standard Version
  • Deluxe Version

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