Halloween Pinball from Spooky Pinball


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Spooky Pinball has teased beginning July 2021 the next pinball title.

This machine is based on John Carpenters Movie „Halloween“ from 1978.

There was the promise from Spooky Pinball on Facebook that he will be soon at home

Jason Edmiston has created all the 2D Artwork for this game. Below you can find the 1st teaser with the artwork of the translite.

Klicken Sie auf den unteren Button, um den Inhalt von bloody-disgusting.com zu laden.

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The Pinball Machine will be available in 3 different version

The Collector Editions will be built 1st and then the Blood Sucker Edition. On the end of the production run will be the Standard Edition.

The Blood Sucker Edition will have following features

  • Clear Plastic Protector
  • Interior graphic decals
  • Knocker installed
  • Shaker installed
  • Interactive RGB Speaker kit
  • Standard Powder coated speaker grill
  • Target Decals
  • Coin box and lid
  • Powder coated bill acceptor door
  • Custom Metallic Flake Powder coat
  • Flipper Button Protective Armor
  • Blood sucker edition Plaque

The Collector editions will have following specific features

  • Colored Plastic Protector
  • Custom Powder coated speaker grill
  • Custom Vein powder coat
  • Custom Laser cut Side rails
  • Collectors Edition Numbered Plaque
  • Custom interactive licensed topper
  • Custom sculpted shoot rood
  • additional licensed decorative toys

The Standard Edition will be built without extras

For each edition the Spooky Butter Cabinet will be optional available

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