Whirlwind 2.0 – Total Chaos


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Pedretti Gaming based in Bergamo Italy is well known for the produciton of the Pinball machines for Pinball Brothers (Alien and Queen).

BUT this time there is again new for themselves

Pedretti announced the 2nd 2.0 title

It is Whirlwind – Total Chaos.

So with this kit of components and Software you can enhance your already owned Whirlwind Pinball machines from Williams.
What does this mean?
Your Pat Lawler classic from 1990 gets a new life and you can play it with 2 rulesheets
– The Classic „WHIRLWIND“

You can order the product in our webshop for 2.200€ plus VAT plus shipping

This kit includes following components

  • Speaker Panel (wood and artwork)
  • New 14 inch LCD HD Display
  • New high quality Speakers
  • FAST Sys 11 MPU
  • Pinsound XL
  • Custom Side Blades
  • Custom Translite (printed on 3mm acrylic)
  • Customized Packaging

Installation time is around 1hours

It is a plug and play installation and no soldering or so is required

For the Stormblaster its payback time in Whirlwind Total Chaos. Try to fix the van of the Stormblaster.

A very good article about WHIRLWIND – TOTAL CHAOS and Janos Kiss one of the creators can be found at Pinballnews.com
it is written by Martin Ayub and he brings allways good news and details about Pinball.

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