Scooby Doo - Blood Sucker Edition - Down Payment


inkl. 20% MwSt.

Spooky Pinball’s newest creation is the Scooby Doo Pinball.

Here is the Link to YouTube Trailer


We are importing the games for whole Europe and they will get again the CE Type Approval as for Halloween and Ultraman.

Delivery Dates are not set yet, but we push very strong with Spooky to get our showroom game early 2023.

Customer Games will only be delivered as soon as CE Type Approval is available


So lets come to the details.

The game is overall limited to 1969 Units. 1969 was the year Scooby Doo started

The amount of games which we will get to Europe is only a fraction and very limited.

Again there are 3 different variants available

  • Collector Edition <– All in incl. topper
  • Blood Sucker Edition <– Standard Version with several extras (knocker, shaker, sideart, …) and different powder coat
  • Standard Edition

The amount of the different Editions is not limited. So theoretical all 1969 could be CEs

Please have a look on the attached presentation for the details of the games and description.

HAVE A LOOK ON THIS FILE –> Spooky Pinball Scooby Doo overview

Due to the fact that the amount of games are so limited for Europe we will allocate available spots on first come first serve basis.

If the money is not within 7 days after invoicng on our bank account the spot gets free again for somebody else.
You will get a separate PDF Invoice from us via email (human generate) to confirm the availability for your spot.

Deposit for the single version are

  • 2.000€ per Collector Edition
  • 1.500€ per Blood Sucker Edition
  • 1.000€ per Standard Edition


The Game number will be forwarded to you soon after the payment has been received.


This product is only the down payment.

The full price on release day is mentioned in the above attached presentation


– No Customs (like 25%) are considered in this pricing mentioned above.
– The overall price is based on €/$ exchange rate on release day)
– If the €/$ exchange rate moves up or down then the price of the machine will be adjusted accordingly.
– If you want to secure the price for the pinball machine then you can perform a 100% down payment to us and so the price will be fixed. à Please contact us therefore separately

Butter Cabinet (direct printing) can be ordered optional –> Please contact us therefore