Centaur Revisited Rule Overview


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Haggis Pinball prepared a rule sheet overview for the Centaur Revisited

So you can get already an overview of one of the best Features of the Revisited game

When you start the game you can choose if you want to play the original rulesheet or the revisited one. This gives you much more fun and long term enjoyment of the game.

Centaur™ Revisited 2.0 Rules Overview. Available on both The Beast and Orblivion editions.

In the 2.0 revisited rules, the ultimate goal is to reach the final wizard mode called „Rule the Underworld.“ To achieve this, players will need to complete four objectives:

Start the Mini Wizard Mode – Warfare: The Warfare mode starts when all other modes have been initiated. To activate this mode, players must complete four modes, each with three levels. The modes are played in sequential order, and you need to complete all levels of each mode to progress. Once all level 1 modes are completed, the Orblivion mode begins. After completing all level 2 modes, the Clan Battle mode commences. Finally, upon completing level 3 modes, the Warfare mode will start. Players can also decide to progress to level 2 and 3 modes straight after level 1 to achieve one of the 4 perks that will assist you for the rest of the game.

Start Ride or Die Multiball: To initiate the Ride or Die Multiball mode, players must achieve the super jackpot in two other multiball modes – Power Orb Multiball and Queen’s Chamber Multiball. Collecting the super jackpot in both modes will activate the Ride or Die Multiball, adding an exciting and challenging gameplay element.

Achieve the Club Patch – The Mastermind: Throughout the game, players will encounter various objectives that require skill to complete. By successfully accomplishing these objectives, players earn the Club Patch – The Mastermind. This achievement signifies your prowess and mastery of the game. These patches are named after famous pinball designers; see if you can work them out.

Attain War Lord Clan Rank: As players progress through the game, they will be rewarded in various ways, helping them rank up within the War Lord clan. By achieving higher ranks, players will unlock new features, bonuses, and benefits. The ultimate goal is to reach the leader position within the clan, becoming the War Lord.

Once players have completed all four objectives mentioned above, they will unlock the final wizard mode called „Rule the Underworld.“ This mode is the pinnacle of the game, providing an intense and challenging gameplay experience that rewards your dedication and skill. Be warned; there will be bloodshed.

Enjoy your journey through Centaur™ Revisited, and may you conquer the underworld and become the ultimate War Lord!

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