ULTRAMAN - Blood Sucker Edition - preorder

Halloween Pinball – Blood Sucker Edition


inkl. 20% MwSt.

This is a Pre Order for the Blood Sucker Edition


Spooky Pinball announced in July 2021 their next major pinball title on which they have worked for around 1 1/2 years.

It is based the Japanese TV Series ULTRAMAN

The Pinball machine will be available in 3 versions

  • Standard Edition
  • Blood Sucker Edition
  • Collector Edition

The delivery date shall be normally within the next 18 months as this was usual on the last releases from Spooky Pinball. à more information will be provided soon.

Features on each model

  • 4 Flippers
  • 4 Levels
  • 2 Stainless Ramps
  • 2 Stainless 180 Inverse Ramps
  • 6 RGB Lighted Drop Targets
  • 150 Addressable RGB LED’s
  • 12 Spooky Flashers
  • 2 Inlane Ball Lift Mechs
  • 7 Physical Ball Locks
  • 1 Tilting Magna Catch mech
  • Interactive Toys
  • 5 Scoops
  • 6 Motors
  • 9 Targets
  • 2 Spinners
  • 2 Subways
  • Lots of flow
  • Quality upgrades

The Blood Sucker Edition comes with following configuration (maybe not final, based on 1st spooky teaser).

  • Clear Plastic Protector
  • Interior graphic decals
  • Knocker installed
  • Shaker installed
  • Interactive RGB Speaker kit
  • Standard Powder coated speaker grill
  • Target Decals
  • Coin box and lid
  • Powder coated bill acceptor door
  • Custom Metallic Flake Powder coat
  • Flipper Button Protective Armor
  • Blood sucker edition Plaque


The down payment is 1.500€ at the time when you get your order confirmation.


Price for the Blood Sucker Edition is 9.500€ net


– No Customs (like 25%) are considered in this pricing mentioned above.
– The overall price is based on €/$ exchange rate on release day)
– If the €/$ exchange rate moves up or down then the price of the machine will be adjusted accordingly.
– If you want to secure the price for the pinball machine then you can perform a 100% down payment to us and so the price will be fixed. à Please contact us therefore separately

Butter Cabinet (direct printing) can be ordered optional –> Please contact us therefore