Toy Story - Carnival Ramp - Exclusive Edition


inkl. 20% MwSt.

This Hand crafted modding from Lior / „The Art of Pinball“ gives your pinball machine a nice refined touched up look


Enhance your Jersey Jack pinball machine with this hand-sculpted and painted carnival booth!
Fully interactive with the game light show and ALL game modes!
Over 50 light effects!
Hand Sculpted and Hand Painted Cast Resin Crafted with Painstaking Attention to Detail and Application of Pigments.
The photo shown is a painted prototype. Colors may vary on the finished piece.


A unique sculpted accent that completes the amazing world under glass is the Toy Story 4 pinball machine. Make your game come to life with the carnival booths.
It matches the look of the game perfectly!
So much detail and meticulous painting. You have to see it in person to TRULY appreciate it.
Special resin cast from a flexible material. no need to worry about ball hits!