TNA - Total Nuclear Annihilation - Preorder 2022 run


inkl. 20% MwSt.

Dear customer,

Spooky Pinball announced on 29th August 2022 that they will do a run of 250 TNA in 2022. (see picture)

ONLY 250 UNITS will be made by Spooky Pinball in this run.

Alls this games shall be finished till March 2023 or maybe earlier

We got the luck to get a very limited nr of this games and you can pre order them from us.

Final price depends on shipping and €/$ exchange rate.
The 2.000€ are only the downpayment.



  • 4 Player Score Displays
  • HD-LCD Display
  • Full Metal Apron
  • Sub Chamber
  • Full RGB Insert and GI Lightning
  • Custom Laser Cut Side Rails
  • Custom metallic Powder Coat
  • Interior Graphics
  • Lighted Speaker Grills
  • Lighted Drop Targets
  • Warning Light Playfield Timers
  • Fold Down Metal Display Panel
  • Real Backglass
  • Interactive Rotating Beacon
  • P-Roc Hardware Platform
  • Danesi Lock Mechanism
  • Real Knocker and Shaker
  • Nuclear Green Plastic Protectors
  • 100% Original Soundtrack



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