Spinal Tap


inkl. 20% MwSt.

We are happy to present you the 2nd pinball from Homepin. It is


It is based on the Iconic movie „This is Spinal Tap“ from 1984.

Here you can find the Homepin Promo Video

The game have

  • 27″ LCD monitor and DMD Display
  • Stainless Steel Ramps
  • Quick release steel metal lockdown bar
  • Metal Cabinet protectors
  • Stunning cabinet graphics and trim
  • Original Spinal Tap soundtracks
  • Replica models of famous TAP guitars
  • Release Derek from the Fully Operational Pod feature
  • Exploding drummer
  • Cut Video scenes from the original movie
  • Renowed Homepin high quality built
  • Shaker Motor include
  • Optional Topper
  • Easy servicable electronics which can be tested also stand alone
  • illuminated flipper button
  • Mechanical knocker
  • RGB illuminated speaker light
  • Marshall Speaker Panel
  • Hybrid Playfield technology



Note: Topper is optional