Rush - Limited Edition


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Stern Pinballs 1. Cornerstone Titel für 2022 ist der Musikflipper zur kanadischen Band Rush.

Die Band wurde 1968 gegründet und bestand bis 2018 aus folgenden Mitgliedern
– dem Bassisten, Keyboarder und Sänger Geddy Lee
– dem Gitarristen Alex Lifeson
– dem Schlagzeuger Neil Peart.

Der Flipper ist wieder in 3 Varianten erhältlich:

  • Pro Edition
  • Premium Edition
  • Limited Edition (1.000 units)

Game Design: John Borg
Software: Tim Sexton
Artwork: Michael Barnard of Sunburn Designs

16 Lieder von Rush sind im Flipper integriert

  1. Headlong Fight
  2. Far Cry
  3. One Little Victory
  4.  Working Man
  5. 2112
  6. Tom Sawyer
  7. Spirit of Radio
  8. Free Will
  9. Cygnus X-1
  10. Big Money
  11. Subdivisions
  12. Limelight
  13. Fly by Night
  14. La Villa Strangiatto
  15. Bastille Day
  16. Red Barchetta

Die Lieder beeinflussen das Spiel bei den verschiedenen Strophen und Refrains

Limited Edition Game Features (unterschiede zum Premium sind orange)

  • Limitiert auf 1.000 Stk Weltweit
  • Custom sculptured electronmagnetic Time Machine ball lock with motorized ramp stationary ramp entrance and illuminated sides and floor
  • Clockwork Angels Clock, a custom sculptured Neil Peart bass drum with motorized minute hand and illumination at 12 positions
  • Ball lock post system, capable of staging 2 pinballs between main power scoop and side scoop subway
  • Main power scoop with kick out
  • Side scoop subway with front main power scoop kick out
  • Clear window insert gives visibility to pinball in subway
  • “Dead End” Vertical upkicker propels pinballs up an additional wireform ramp return for non-stop pinball action
  • Secret double up-post ball lock hidden behind a bank of 3 musical instrument drop targets starts timed lock start Freewill Multiball
  • Red, white and blue general illumination lightning
  • 17 RGB software controlled LEDs
  • Stainless steel Hemisphere right ramp with custom engraved and illuminated Rush logo
  • High speed plastic side Jackpot ramp
  • Ramp diverter system transports pinball to either bottom flipper based on its position
  • The spirit of Radio spinning target
  • 3 flippers
  • 3 RGB lit pop bumpers
  • 4 R-U-S-H stand-up targets
  • Player selectable song choice of sixteen iconic Rush songs at the star of every ball
  • 6 main Timed Modes: Tom Sawyer, Working Man, The Spirit of Radio, The Big Money, La Villa Strangiato, and Limelight
  • 4 Main Multiballs: Time Machine, Far Cry, Headlong Fight, and Freewill
  • 3 Time Machine Multiballs: Red Barchetta, Subdivis4sions, and Fly by Night
  • 3 Challenge Modes and Mini-Wizard Multiball Modes: Cygnus X-1: Book One: The Voyage, Cygnus X-1: Book Two: Hemispheres, and 2112
  • Exclusive live Rush concert footage and custom animations
  • Custom speech by guitarist Alex Lifeson, bassist, keboardist, and lead vocalist Geddy Lee, and Ed Robertson of the Barnaked Ladies – 600 speech calls
  • Installed with Stern Insider Connected TM
  • Premium model features Moving Pictures Inspired full color translate and iconic side cabinet hand drawn artwork
  • Expression Lighting System TM – 96 Intelligent RGB LEDs enables full color spectrum control; synchronized & adjustable, responsive to game events
  • Limited Edition mirrored backglass inspired by Clockwork Angels with stunning and distinctive high definition hand drawn artwork
  • Upgraded speaker system with 3-channel amplifier
  • Anti-reflection playfield glass
  • Shaker motor installed
  • Custom Raven Black matte black finish Guitar shaped powder-coated and clear-coated pinball armor, legs, hinges and front molding
  • Designer Autographed collectible featuring signature of game designer John Borg

Mehr Details zur Band findet ihr auf Wikipedia unter


ACHTUNG: Hier handelt es sich um eine Anzahlung, die ersten Geräte sollte ca. April/Mai in Österreich eintreffen.