Funhouse 2.0 Rudys Nightmare


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Pedretti Gaming presented end of 2021 the Funhouse 2.0 Rudys Nighmare upgrad kit.


With this kit you can upgrad your Classic Funhouse Williams pinball machine.
You can choose at the beginning which version of ruleset you want to play either the Classic Funhouse or the totally new Rudys Nighmare.
The new software includes several extra modes including Duck Hunt, The Evil Clones, Hot-Dog Combat, Rudy & The Monkiss, Haunted Rollercoaster, Don’t You Want A Balloon?, Melt The Clone and Evil Rudy Multiball.

The Game kit includes following components:

  • New FAST Pinball WPC-89 replacement CPU board
  • New PinSound sound board with all the audio content
  • Replacement Mystery Mirror which contains an LCD display to show dynamic content
  • New speaker panel with a full-colour 14-inch LCD display and a new speaker system
  • New translite
  • Interior cabinet artwork decals
  • Rudys Nighmare Castle T-Shirt in XL (only for first 200 Shipments from Pedretti Gaming)


The whole kit can be installed in ~1h and also be removed easy if you sell your game and would like to keep the kit for your next Funhouse (except the interior cabinet artwork decals)