Fathom Mermaid Edition - Pre Order


inkl. 20% MwSt.

The 40 year old all time classic Fathom pinball is recreated by HAGGIS PINBALL and is orignally licencesed.

2 version will be available (Classic and Mermaid Edition)

This is the Mermaid Edition

Both Editions

  • Haggis proprietary dimple free playfield technology
  • Three pinballs
  • Three flippers
  • Three pop bumpers
  • 15 drop targets
    • Six bank of drop targets
    • Three bank of targets
    • Two sets of three in-line drop targets
  • Two kick-out holes
  • Spinner
  • Crossover return lanes
  • Full RGB LEDs for both inserts and general illumination
  • Full RGB LEDs seven segment score displays
  • Toolless head box locking mechanism
  • Original artwork
  • Original sounds and callouts
  • Original ruleset

Mermaid Edition Features

  • Production limited to 250 machines
  • Enhanced 2.0 ruleset with new callouts and music
  • Mirrored stainless steel trim
  • Mirrored playfield components
  • Custom 5 speaker sound system
  • Reflectocab metallic reflective luminescent cabinet art
  • Dual apron integrated 6.8” LCD screens for game features and service menu
  • Ambient below cabinet lighting


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