Elite Pinball Topper - IJ Pinball - Standard Model


inkl. 20% MwSt.

The IJ Standard Pinball Topper is designed to work with the Indiana Jones Pinball Machine. It brings your pinball machine to life by utilizing stunning general illumination alongside our beautifully 3D modeled parts. With 60 SMD/LED’s,12 coats of paint, 3D Modeled stones and „Arc Of The Covenant“ this topper is sure to stand out in any collection. This topper installs using factory mounting holes in around 10 minutes. No drilling required.


You’ll receive a (an):

  • 3/4″ Melamine Base
  • Black T-Molding
  • 3D Modeled „Arc Of The Covenant“
  • Custom Automotive Grade Gold Paint
  • (10 coats of base and 2 coats of 2K clear)
  • 3D Modeled Stones
  • 3D Modeled Torches
  • 3D Modeled Plastic Flames
  • 60 SMD/LED’s (GI)
  • Elite Sanded Plywood Shipping Crate
  • Stained Wooden Rod – (Arc Handle)
  • Installation Hardware


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