Looney Tunes & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


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Dear Pinball Fan,

we thank you for your continuous support and want to forward you therefore the newest information from Spooky Pinball.

They teased at Midnight from 6th to 7th December (European time) that they produce in 2024 Two new Games

Looney Tunes” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

There will be again 3 versions of each game available

  • Collector Edition
  • Blood Sucker Edition
  • Standard Edition

Each of this games is limited to 888 only (version independent)

So both titles will be very rare and sought after

Both games share the same layout, but are totally different games, because they had different development teams on each game.

So code is different and play experience is different. Even the 2nd button on the right side, has different functions.

Straight Down the Middle shared also already a Featurette of Looney Tunes which gives more insights on the game.

Attached are also the Flyer and some further information’s to both titles like the Feature Matrix

And here some further Links

Teaser Videos

Official Trailer

Knapp Arcade

You can Preorder the game already on our website

Looney Tunes Pre Order

– Collector Edition (2000€) https://www.rs-pinball.at/…/looney-tunes-collector…/

– Blood Sucker Edition (1500€) https://www.rs-pinball.at/produkt/looney-tunes-bse-preorder/

– Standard Edition (1000€) https://www.rs-pinball.at/produkt/looney-tunes-se-preorder/

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball Pre Order Links

– Collector Edition (2000€) https://www.rs-pinball.at/produkt/tcm-ce-preorder/

– Blood Sucker Edition (1500€) https://www.rs-pinball.at/produkt/tcm-bse-preorder/

– Standard Edition (1000€) https://www.rs-pinball.at/produkt/tcm-se-preorder/

Production of the Games shall start in Jan 2024 and shall last till End of 2024.

The CE Certificate shall be available much quicker then before.

So the first European Machines shall be available somewhen in Spring.

We don’t know how the demand is in the US and how many games will be left over for us, so better be fast and secure your game now.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards


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