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Australian owned and manufactured – CELTS – is the first pinball machine from Haggis Pinball

Consisting of a single level playfield, two scoops, two pop bumpers, four slingshots, eight standup targets, four drop targets, and three flippers with a smooth outer orbit and center horseshoe, Celts is a fast and fun game.

Celts is available as one model with the ability to add customization’s to let you build a truly unique game. Those customization’s are:

Get your Name in the Game

When you first start a game of Celts, you have the option to chose a clan that will represent you as you compete in the highland games or battle other clans. With this customization, we can add your name as one of the selectable clans (e.g. First Name, Surname, Business name). This will also include custom callouts, custom light show (tied to your clan tartan) and your name on the Haggis MFD (Backglass artwork)

Custom Trim

We currently offer six different trim packages. The standard trim package is satin black; however, we provide the following options that will include the lockdown bar, side rails, apron, legs, and backbox hinges.

Grurple: This is a pearlescent chameleon finish that changes color from green to purple depending on viewing angle

Purple Heather: A pearlescent/metallic deep purple

Celtic Green: A pearlescent/metallic deep green

Black Onyx: A pearlescent/metallic black

Stonemason: Reminiscent of a castle rampart, this finish is a silver/light grey with stone fleck

Toy Kit:

We have four toys included in the toy kit:

Ham’ish the boar that sits over the top of the left spinner – the gateway to the ‚Beat the Boar‘ feature

Castle Haggis, which is located on the back right-hand side of the playfield, just behind the right spinner, is stormed by you at the end of each successful clan battle. Hit the right orbit, through the castle to the upper playfield and hit the upper scoop to Storm the Gates

Highland Warrior, straddles the center scoop and protects the entrance to each mode start.

Rusty, The remnants of an overzealous occupying force. The Celts aren’t to be trifled with

We will contact you for the final configuration of your game (color, toys, get your name in the game etc.)

Final pricing depends on exchange rate and shipping costs

Haggis Prototype Video

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