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Scooby Doo ist Spooky Pinballs next title. on 3rd December the Teaser (shown below) has been presented at Pincinnati Very little is known so far only the the following

  • Matt Frank and Jeffrey Zornow created a special artwork for the pinball machine
  • There are pinball specific callouts – i.e. by Frank Welker who was the voice of Scooby Doo in the past by Matthew Lillard who has been Shaggy’s voice since 2010 by Kate Micucci as Velma by Gray Griffin as Daphne
  • As a player you try to find different hints to solve many different puzzles and of course you also have to collect Scooby snacks

Steve Bowden has been attending the presentation from Spooky Pinball and did a facebook live where you can find the link here

  This product is only for the interest list, so that we send you more information as soon as they are available. Right now, no feature list, no pricing or timings is available.