Galactic Tank Force - Signature Edition Pinball Machine - Interest List


inkl. 20% MwSt.

Ths is a a intest list


Dennis Nordmans newest Pinball Creation for American Pinball is


It is a exciting pinball machine with the theme around war on Ice Cream in outer Space.

The stunning artwork has been done by Christopher Franchi

This Signature Edition is world wide limited to ONLY 200 units.

The Signature Edition features following extras to the limited edition

  • Signed and numbered Apron
  • 3D Backglass
  • Exclusive Lunchbox
  • Pint Glass
  • Posters
  • Banner

The Limited Edition features a spectecular cabinet in a space tank design.

Limited Edition includes

  • Tank Cabinet
  • Interior Side Art
  • Playfield Lighting
  • Shaker
  • Knocker
  • Magic Glass
  • and Upgraded Rails

The Playfield contains following features

  • Plotnik’s lab (Shoot here to get your fighter pilots ready and earn mystery awards)
  • L-A-B Lanes (Complete these lanes to open Plotnik’s lab)
  • Reactor Bumpers (beware of meltdowns!)
  • Accelerator Targets (Supercharge scoring!)
  • AIR LOCK Targets (Spell A-I-R to light locks)
  • AIR Spinner (When your mission time is running out, shoot this to add more)
  • Alpha Flank Targets (Hit these to advance features and increase left side shot values)
  • Mission Lanes (Complete these to qualify an ice cream mission)
  • Tank Battles (Destroy all tanks to reach Tank Zulu)
  • Atomic Shield (Protects you from danger when active)
  • Planet Spinner (Add even more mission time when it’s running out)
  • Controlled Diverter (Use third flipper button to differt ramp shot)
  • Advance Rank lanes (Complete these lanes to earn promotion)
  • Mission Control (Shoot this saucer when lit to accept an ice cream mission)
  • UFO Moving Target (Stop cows from being abducted!)
  • Enemy Tank (Defeat the enemy force! Watch out for its attacks and defenses)
  • Bravo Flank Targets (Hit these to advance features and increase right side shot values)
  • Missle Strike Lanes (Can you fight back?)
  • Achievements (Prove yourself)
  • ICE Cream Missions (Do you dutiesto save the ice cream!)
  • Lucky Break (Do you feel lucky)


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